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Why Choose Shu Ren Learning Centre ?

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Entrepreneurship Guidance

  • Preferential policy
  • Entrepreneurship skills and guidelines
  • Market positioning, risk control
  • 3 Years Growth Plan

Excellent Brand

  • Twelve years of brand reputation
  • Student-centered philosophies
  • Create a better education system for lifelong learning
  • To provide a wide range of quality education services
  • Establish children’s self-discipline and cultivate independent learning
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Management System

  • Centre Management System App
  • Academic Program Management System
  • Teacher development and teaching training
  • Teacher and employer welfare planning

Comprehensive Teaching Method

  • Tuition classes for children to grow up and reduce the burden on parents
  • Break the traditional way of education and expand the family school model in an all-round
  • Expand new educational models for science and technology and develop a comprehensive online teaching
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Licensing Partnership Business Model

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Centre Conversion Business Model

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Partnership Business Model

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